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Cô gắi dễ thươngCity first responders invite city residents and business owners to use Community Connect, a database that allows users to create and maintain online life safety profiles. These profiles made available to first responders at the time of dispatch. 

Registered users provide relevant information, including:

  • Occupant names and contact phone numbers
  • Building structure details
  • Presence of security system and Knox Box
  • Pets
  • Information about occupants with functional needs

The database updates information to reflect current public safety issues, such as allowing subscribers to self-report critical COVID-19 related information.

Registered users create and maintain their account based on the address, which the system verifies. All individuals at a single address are included in a single account. Click here, or on the  Community Connect graphic at the top of this page, for more information.

Cô gắi dễ thươngThis voluntary program allows users to choose what information to include in their profile. All information is secure and accessible only to first responders.

Be sure to update it as needed: simply visitô gắi dễ thương at your convenience for quick, prompt changes.

If you have questions or need more information, please email CommunityConnect@fairfaxva.govCô gắi dễ thương or call 703.385.7940.

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