Animal Control

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Ordering Animal Friendly License Plates Benefits the City's Spay/Neuter Fund!!! To order, please visit state website.

The City of Fairfax Animal Control Section is part of the Police Department and is responsible for the enforcement of all City and State animal-related ordinances. The section has two full time Animal Control Officers.

Animal Control Officers receive special training concerning the laws and regulations involved, the humane treatment of animals, proper animal apprehension methods, and the policies and procedures associated with animal cases. Under the authority of State and City law, Animal Control Officers are sworn officers and are empowered to issue court summonses.

Cô gắi dễ thương The primary goal of the Animal Control Section is to maintain public safety for all citizens and to insure humane treatment and care for pets.  If the animal control officer is not available, police will investigate bite cases and barking dog complaints.

Animal Control Officers perform a variety of tasks including:
  • Responding to citizen complaints and requests for service.
  • Picking up stray, vicious, diseased, injured or sick animals.
  • Investigation of animal bite reports.
  • Quarantining animals that have bitten someone.
  • When appropriate, issuing summonses for animal-related violations that are witnessed by the officer.
  • Investigation of animal cruelty cases.
  • Investigation of complaints of excessive barking by dogs.
  • Investigation of wildlife related cases or issues.
  • Maintaining accurate records on all animals that are impounded.
  • Returning lost domestic animals to the rightful owners.
  • Placing unclaimed companion animals with citizens who wish to adopt them.
General Information


  • City of Fairfax Animal Control Dispatch/Claim Impounded Animal 703.385.7924
  • City of Fairfax Animal Control General Information/Adoptions 703.385.7919
  • Fairfax County Animal Control 703.691.2131
Information on dog license requirements and request forms are available here
In the city, the number of dogs allowed at a single residence is based on lot size. One or two dogs may be licensed at a residence regardless of lot size. Owners must have at least 7,500 square feet to house three dogs. For four dogs, residents must have a lot size of 12,500 square feet or more. No more than four dogs may live at a single address in the city.

Required Vaccinations
  • All dogs and cats that are four months of age and older must have a current vaccination against rabies. Vaccinations are available from your local veterinarian.
  • You must retain written proof of vaccination for your dog and present it upon request by an Animal Control Officer.
  • A proof of rabies vaccination must be provided when you apply for your dog’s license from the City Treasurers Office.
  • Cats must be vaccinated against rabies but are not licensed.

Wild Animals 

The City of Fairfax has an ordinance prohibiting exotic or wild animals.

The city's Department of Public Works will pick up dead animals on most public city roads; call 703.385.7980. Owners are responsible for the disposal of their deceased animals by having the body cremated, buried or otherwise disposed of in accordance with Health Department laws.  The Fairfax County Animal Shelter, 4500 West Ox Road, accepts small deceased animals for cremation; 703.830.1100.

Cô gắi dễ thươngCats and wild animals are collected only if injured or if they pose a threat to humans or other companion animals.

Animal Impoundment

When necessary for the protection of the public or the animal, an Animal Control Officer may impound an animal. Such circumstances include animals found stray, animals found running at large and animals that have been found to be abused, etc. In most cases the owner of the animal will be responsible for the cost of confinement.

Cô gắi dễ thương The city also has a leash law and a "pooper-scooper law" for dogs, enforced by the animal control officer. Dogs found roaming at large by an animal control officer are confined at Town and Country Animal Hospital. Dogs are held for seven to 12 days, after which they are put up for adoption.

Cô gắi dễ thươngIf you believe your pet has been found at large, call the Emergency Communication Center at 703.385.7924. You will be provided with general information and your call will then be forwarded to the on-duty Animal Control officer for release of the animal.

  • You must present a valid rabies certificate and a valid dog license to claim your dog.
  • You must present a valid rabies certificate to claim your cat.
  • The current confinement charges are:
    • A pick-up fee of $ 25.00 for each animal.
    • A boarding fee of $ 25.00 per day or any portion thereof.
Impounded animals are kept at:

Town & Country Animal Hospital
9836 Fairfax Boulevard
Fairfax, VA 22030
Tel: 703.273.2110

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