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City Regulates Relic-Hunting on Public Land

Post Date:11/09/2020

Fairfax City is rich in history — and historical historic items. To protect city property and city history, the City Council recently enacted an ordinance regulating exploration and removal of relics and other historical items and objects on public property — including city parks, historic sites and landscapes lands, schools, and other municipal property.

Cô gắi dễ thươngTo protect city land and items that may be found there, organizations and individuals must obtain a permit to undertake field investigations, explorations, and recovery activity to locate, excavate, remove, or otherwise disturb historical or archaeological resources, relics, and artifacts. This includes activity with or without metal detectors or excavation tools. “Historical” items and objects found on municipal property include all items, regardless of their perceived historical or monetary value.

Permits are issued by the City Manager’s Office: emailCô gắi dễ thương, 703-385-7850 .

Please note that items and artifacts discovered on city land without excavation or tools are subject to this ordinance. Because they belong to the city, we ask that you leave them undisturbed, and notify the Historic Resources Office: email, 703-385-8415 .

The Historic Resources Office invites the public to view city artifacts and exhibits at the Fairfax Museum and Visitor Center and Historic Blenheim

The facilities remain open during the pandemic (with limited hours and capacity) and offer various programs and exhibits. Please follow health guidelines, including wearing a face covering and social distancing.


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