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'Lock, Take, Hide' to Protect Valuables and Vehicles When Away and at Home

Post Date:09/28/2020

The best way to solve crime is to prevent it.

Cô gắi dễ thươngThe City of Fairfax Police Department recommends citizens practice three key actions with their valuables at home and away, particularly when they are in vehicles:

Lock • Take • Hide

  • Lock vehicles, even when they're parked in areas that are considered "secure" (driveway, limited-access parking lots, well-lit areas)
  • Take your keys with you when you leave your vehicle.
    • While you're at it: when possible, take your valuables — handbags, backpacks, purchases — with you, especially when leaving the vehicle overnight.
  • Hide valuables in the vehicle (in enclosed trunks, glove boxes, consoles, under seats)


Watch this video from the police department for more information:

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